Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Version 1.0 is in the horizon...

As of now I have a working application that can either write the chats to the disk or upload the chat messages to a gmail account! Woohoo!

I believe I finally stabilized on a format, for messages and signatures (used to validate and merge chats) and I believe I won't diverge much from the current format now.

Some interesting things I learned from uploading messages to gmail:

- It is not enough to set the "Date" header in the mime message, you need to set the sent date as well to make sure the messages are sorted correctly

- After uploading messages, when the messages are retrieved by the application, I found that all line breaks in the message body were converted to CRLF (instead of the LF that were in the messages when I uploaded).

- It is essential to user MimeUtilty encode/decode when setting mail header values, specially if they have accents.

Well, as I expected, implementing the first version that could upload to gmail wasn't hard after all the work I have done implementing the disk version.

I still have to do some tests running the application from two different computers running the same account. Also, even tough I tested chat merging against the disk history, I still didn't test against the mail messages.

As for the next step in the development: I must make it work under windows and linux 32bit. I just found the other day that my mavenized skype4java isn't working under windows.. I won't release the first version before making sure everything works under windows and linux at least. I can't guarantee OSX, since I can't test it, but I'll make an effort.

That is for now. See ya.

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