Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skype-Java-Api 1.3 version released


After a long hiatus, I finally got back to work on some fixes to skype api. The new 1.3 version includes fixes for the following bugs:

- A bug that would crash the library under Ubuntu linux 11.04 (some NPEs)
- The mac version was not firing the notification to listeners when a new message was received
- Two applications using skype-java-api would crash under windows because the dynamic libraries were extracted directly under temp directory under windows. Now, each instance use their own directoies
- Skype.addCallListener would add a listener even if the connection could not be made
- Skype.removeCallListener throws NPE if no listeners were not registered
- Added a README to explain how to use the library in your maven project
- Windows libraries are now statically linked. This UnsatisfiedLink problems if a system does not have vc90 library

If you find any problems, please, feel free to report in the project's github issue page:


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