Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skype Java API 1.4 on the oven

After a long time doing nothing at all related to the skype java api, I recently had some motivation to work on some skype projects and that made me work on some open issues.

First, I rewrote the whole linux native api because the existing X11 implementation isn't very stable, crashes on some newer computers, and other annoying problems.

So, I wrote a dbus alternative that proved much more reliable. I also fixed some bugs that have been reported under windows and I intend to fix all the currently reported bugs under windows.

And finally, on the bug hunting subject, I'll be working on the bugs under Mac OS. I haven't dedicated much time to fix the bugs reported under Mac OS because that is the platform I know least. In fact, I don't own a MacBook and I have to use VM to work on these bugs. But I understand that the mac os native library is the least stable, so I intend to dedicate a lot of effort to understand its code better and fix these issues for once.

As for new features, I implemented to extra listeners:

- ChatListener : a listener triggered when users enter or leave a group chat

- ChatMessageEditListener: a listener triggered when messages are edited

 Another change: I moved all the samples to their own project:

 I believe it will be easier to get started with the api if the samples are not mixed with the api code.

And finally, some propaganda on some of my new skype projects:

A simple application that sends files from the bash command line:

Another simple application to send messages to users or group chats from the command line (as you can see, I love doing stuff from command line)

 Epyk Survey is a bot that manages simple polls in skype group chats. It has been very useful in among my coworkers to decide where we'll lunch everyday =)

That's it. Thanks for you patience Takeuchi


  1. It's a great news... Your API is really awesome. You are doing a great job, Bro. Carry on...

    Do you have any estimated date of releasing it's 1.4 version ?

    Partho Biswas.

  2. I intend to release in one or two weeks. I just want to fix some of the older bugs (particularly, those on the mac) and then I'll release it both in the maven central and I'll place it to be download on github.